BOSS CBD Vegan Soft gel - Immune Booster

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Product Description

BOSS CBD is 100% full spectrum CBD, formulated for humans BOSS CBD does not contain THC, the chemical in some marijuana that causes the "high" sensation . It's non psychoactive, 100% natural and 3rd party LAB tested to ensure purity and effectiveness. It does not contain pesticide residue and is free from mold, mildew and visual matter. We use the purest ingredients so you can rest assured that you're getting the most potent CBD available, at the most affordable prices.

Health Benefits of our CBD Soft Gels

• Immune booster gels contain dried yeast fermentate and vitamin D3 to boost your immune system

• Anxiety Reducer 

• May be used to treat Pain

• Reduce Inflammation

• Help with Arthritis

• Calm Nausea

• Maintain Healthy Skin

• Help with Joint Problems

• Regulate Appetite

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