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Our Dog Valentine's Day Box includes:

- 1 30ml Organic Coconut CBD Oil for anxiety, pain, joint problems, inflammation & more

- 1 Pet Salve for hot spots, wounds, dry skin & itchiness

- 1 Pet Balm for cracked and dry paws

- 1 Boss Crew Lavender Relaxing Pet Shampoo for a healthy coat

- 1 Trachea Dog Treats

+ 1 free dual dog walker connector (leash sold separately) 

A $160 value for only $99.99 this holiday! 

Tailored to your pups needs

Organic Coconut CBD oil 30ML: One of our most popular oils by far. Our organic coconut CBD oil promotes a healthy, shiny coat and has numerous other benefits! Ease anxiety, inflammation, pain, joint pain, nausea, and more! 

CBD infused Trachea Treats: A crunchy treat for dogs of any size and a perfect "5" on our chew-o-meter for that balance between hard and soft. Our pups love this treat and so will yours!

CBD Pet Salve: Administer to wounds, hot spots, dry spots and more. It's like vaseline on steroids!

CBD Pet Balm: Formulated specifically for cracked paw and nose pads. Rub gently on surface and prevent licking for the first 30 minutes.

CBD infused Lavender Relax Shampoo: Sometimes our pets need to chill out! So we made our Lavender Relax Shampoo infused with 100mg of our CBD for added relaxation . Calm your pet down without any harmful medicine, just natural ingredients!

Dual Walker Leash: A must have for pet owners of 2 pups! Don't have two doggos? No problem, you can use it for 1 dog as well!


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