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Product Description

A relaxing and refreshing gift for your significant other or family member. Take the time to remind your loved one that their self care routine is important too! 

Our Men's Valentine's Day Box includes:

- 1 Clean Cut Scented Beard Oil

- 1 Clean Cut Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer

- 1 Shave Oil

- 1 CBD-Infused Muscle Rub

- 1 CBD-Infused Clean Cut Lotion

- 1 30ml MCT CBD oil 

+ A free men's grooming shave kit! 

A $150 value for only $79.99 this holiday! 

Tailored to your needs

CBD Beard oil: Moisturize, soften and maintain a healthy beard. You'll never see a silkier beard! 

Alcohol Free Hand Sanitizer: Hand Sanitizer doesn't have to be boring. An essential must have for the world we live in today, with an perfectly balanced manly scent, for added spice ;) 

CBD Infused Shave Oil: If you prefer a clean look, shave oil is a must! Prevent razer bumps, cuts, and finish off your shave with a new glow.

CBD-Infused Muscle Rub: One of our best selling self-care items, and for VERY good reason! Our Muscle Rub is infused with CBD and cayenne pepper for an extra burn which has proven to relax tense muscles. 

Clean Cut Lotion w/ CBD: We all love a rugged look, but dry skin doesn't have to be apart of that! Dry skin can cause flaking, pain, discoloration and more. Let's make it a goal for 2022 to moisturize and smell GREAT!

MCT 30ML CBD Drops: The go-to oil here at Boss CBD. We call our MCT oil our "brain fuel" because that's just how it works! Take a few drops, and not only will you have a clearer mind, but you should also experience a spike in energy due to the MCT (Medium Chain Triglycerides) gettin to work! 

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