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Our sister company, Reversed Rescue, takes on a number of skin disease cases. This is our special bundle that we use on every case, including our dear Poe! (Now renamed Gus). As always, we do recommend consulting your veterinarian to properly diagnose your pets condition. 



1) Administer the Wild Alaskan CBD oil as recommended (2-3 doses per day).

2) Bathe your pet using our Original Formula CBD shampoo once a week

3) Use the paw balm on nose and paw pads to keep them moisturized.

4) Use Salve to soothe hot spots or wounds on surface of skin. You need to do this daily, and multiple times a day if needed. It’s crucial to monitor your pet and ensure that the balm is not licked off within the first 20-30 minutes.

*Note: Most animals will attempt to lick the salve and balm. You will need to prevent licking. Neither product is harmful when ingested, but licking can reduce it's effectiveness. (We recommend a cone for the duration of the treatment)

Bundle Includes

x1 Pet Balm

x1 Pet Salve

x1 30ml Wild Alaskan Salmon CBD oil

x1 Original formula shampoo

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